What are Essential Oils?

Essentials Oils are liquids that are distilled from plants and contain the true essence of the plant. Therapeutic grade oils are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way! The chemical composition and aroma of essential oils can provide valuable therapeutic benefits. There is virtually no limit to how essential oils can be used - topically or aromatically, in cooking and cleaning, as a fragrance, in massage, or even on animals! They are useful, powerful allies in our quest for wellness.

The next time you drive by a field of fresh peppermint or hike through a pine forest, breathe deeply-you're experiencing the soul-soothing power of essential oils. But essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are your path to the lifelong wellness we are committed to helping you discover. At the intersection of cutting-edge research and traditional wisdom, Young Living formulates targeted, essential oil-based wellness solutions that empower you to dodge harmful chemicals, energize your life, ditch stress and negativity, and reclaim your natural radiance.

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Enhance Physical Wellness

Modern, busy lifestyles don't always create the best conditions for physical wellness and can leave the balance unbalance with low energy levels. Essential oils can provide the solutions you need to restore balance and feel your best.

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Inspire a Positive Emotional State

Love the way you smell a scent and it relaxes you or brightens your day? Each oil's complex, pleasant, and unique scent activates the limbic system (the brain's center of emotion and memory) differently, and can be the key to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Purify Your Home

Harsh chemical formulas aren't your only home cleaning option - enjoy peace of mind without compromise when you polish counter tops, clean sticky messes, and cleanse dirty surfaces with the gentle but effective power of essential oils.

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